Thursday, November 8, 2012

Toddler Birthday Party Nightmares... and Day 7 recap...

So I must have tried to start my blog entry last night a half a dozen times but my brain was just fried and it showed in my writing.  I wasn't making a lot of sense.  So instead I went to bed early with the thought I would write my blog post while Terror 1 was at school and Terror 2 was napping.  Which means I have like thirty minutes to do this.  So this may just be a lot of me spewing verbal diarrhea and not a whole lot of making sense.

I mostly blame the fact that The Commissioner has been out of town so it has just been the three of us for the week.  Which means I don't have much time to do anything non-chore related until after the girls are asleep at night.  Usually, I have a few hours during the day while Terror 1 is at her preschool but that time has been filled with errands lately, not the least being our planning of Terror 1's birthday party.

She's turning three next week.  We've never done a birthday party but now that she's in "school," and has all these friends who do them, she is aware she has been missing out.  So we are going ahead and planning out a birthday party.  Of course just having a simple thing at home wouldn't be enough so now we are going all out and having 20 of her closest friends to a little party at a local zoo.  Seriously?  She's 3 and probably won't remember any of this.  And 20 kids?  What were we thinking.  But the biggest headache has been the gift bags.  Any parent will tell you that the gift bags are such a waste.  They are filled with crap that gets lost or broken within a day, but if you don't have them, your party will be considered a failure by every toddler in the area.  I only wish I was joking.

We had such plans to get organized and not have to resort to buying the usual crap from Party City or wherever.  Except as I've said, I'm all great when it comes to planning, but poor when it comes to execution.  So we are a week out with no time to order anything and I'm going to be making a second trip to Party City this weekend (don't ask.)  I've already bought gift bags, erasers with zoo animals and stickers... I'm still going to buy animal crackers... not sure what else we will put in these bags.  It just seems very random.  And I should probably order a cake soon.  Ugh.  I hate planning birthday parties!

So that was my rant on all things not writing related which have been the focus of the week.  As for writing, well I managed to have a pretty good day yesterday considering how exhausted I was (although I haven't read anything I've written from yesterday so I'm not sure how much of that will need to be erased!)

I wound up writing 2,022 words, which brings my total to 14,438 words.

I haven't started on today's writing, but the Commissioner will be home today!  So as long as we don't wind up getting distracted with birthday planning, I'm hoping for a productive evening.

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