Monday, November 5, 2012

Election Eve...

So like many people tonight, I am distracted.  I have been distracted all day, and I will likely be distracted all tomorrow.  I love and hate election day.  Of course it is a whole lot more fun when your  guy is the one who is victorious, but there is something about exercising your right to vote.  Sometimes I think it is very reaffirming.  Sometimes I wish I could take that right away from people.  I'm only half joking.

Anyway, tomorrow I will be taking Terror #2 with me to go vote.  Well I hope to, we'll see.  In true us fashion, The Commissioner left today on a week long business trip.  With my license.  In his wallet.  So I am now without my ID.  I flipped out, but thank goodness for google, it doesn't look like a drivers license is necessary.  This kind of surprised me, but whatever.

Election day is a favorite in our household, but this year it will be different.  I don't think Terror #1 will let me watch as the results start coming in, as the only way she would care what happens tomorrow is if Mickey Mouse was running.  But I will be checking my phone early and often.  Which probably means my productivity will be down a bit.

Today, however, went pretty well.  I took a big step today and I posted a status update on Facebook telling everyone I was participating in NaNo.  That is basically how I told my mom I was doing this.  I had resisted making it public for various reasons.  Not the least being I am "friends," with some people who I don't think would be very supportive.  Which begs the question, why am I "friends" with them.  It's a good question, which I don't have the brain power to think about now.  I was also nervous about announcing it because I know there will be some friends who are extremely supportive about my attempting this.  So supportive, they will want to read what I'm writing.  And that is a whole other can of freak out.  Actually letting someone read what I'm writing?  I mean, I'm having fun writing this, but that doesn't mean anything I'm writing is any good.  So to let anyone actually read what I'm doing is a whole other step that I'm not quite ready to tackle.  Of course, thats down the line.  First I need to write  my book (and hopefully complete NaNo).

Day 5 Recap:

2,388 words written today, which makes my total word count for the 5 days 10,304.  That amazes me.  I am officially 1/5 of the way through my goal.  A good day.  

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  1. I fit in the supportive want to read it category :) but I won't annoy you about ... For a little bit anyway - Proud of you Roomie !!! - Jilly