Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Let the Second Guessing Begin!

We are now a little more than a day away from the start of NaNoWriMo.  At this point, I was hoping to have started my character outlines and have a general story outline ready.  Instead, I basically took the last three days to play with my kids, celebrate my birthday (and try out my new Keurig- addicting!) and stalk Facebook and Twitter for all things Hurricane Sandy related.  Basically anything other than making a decision as to what I'm going to write about.

Then, I had a middle of the night brainstorm.  I came up with an idea on a subject that is by no means original, but I think could be a take on it which is original.  At least, I could not find any books similar enough to make me nervous.  In fact, the only two I did find that were close, were books I have on my Amazon Wish List- but have not read yet.  So basically, I am going to wait on buying them to make sure I do not get influenced by what that author did.

So back to my amazingly original idea.  The problem with middle of the night brainstorms is either you really did come up with a good idea, or in the haze of sleep deprivation, you came up with absolute crap that just sounded good at the time.  So I jotted down a few notes and sent them off to E to help figure out whether my idea was workable, or whether I needed to start thinking about this after drinking at least 2 cups of coffee.  Added bonus, by waiting on E's response, I bought myself a little longer to procrastinate actually making a decision.  I really do have a thing for deadlines.  Sigh.

So now that I have my "subject," what's the next step?  NaNo floods your e-mail, Facebook and twitter with all kinds of helpful information, but there is just no way to keep up with everything.  Instead, I think I am going to take the next day and try to map out a few key things I want to happen in my story, and start getting to know my main characters.  Of course, there is always the chance I wind up hating everything about my idea and decide to start over... so, let the second guessing begin!

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